Inbound Marketing for your Business

Inbound marketing helps your business get discovered online and make authentic connections with prospects without resorting to outdated, interruptive, self-promotional sales tactics. Inbound is based on the simple (and proven) premise that personalized messaging, tailored to the aspirations, interests, and concerns of your audiences will build rapport, a shared sense of values, and the trust needed to inspire inquiry.

Leveraging a combination of SEO, social publishing, customized content, targeted email nurturing, and analytics, it improve your business online visibility in search results, engage with target audiences in meaningful and persuasive ways, and drive traffic back to their websites

How Does EduTech Hub Help Business Launch Effective Inbound Marketing Campaigns?

Effective inbound marketing means getting personal; learning what makes your prospects or customers stick, and how that aligns with your organization core values, programs, and overall vision approach. EduTech Hub works closely with organizations to ensure each inbound campaign is customized for target audiences and for search engines. Our mission is to work as your partner, elevating your brand while generating a steady stream of quality leads.

Inbound Marketing techniques are the solution to the challenges of digital sales in the 21st century. Technological support is necessary, and there are solutions that will help you kickstart all these actions in a more effective fashion. At We Are Marketing, we do consultations to evaluate the state of your project and recommend the best tools and actions to improve your marketing and sales. Let’s get started!

Our Inbound Marketing process

  • Define and develop customers or prospects personas and key messaging using market intelligence, surveys, and feedback from info-desk personnel
  • Generate a list of priority SEO keywords based on personas, advertisement goals, and competitive analyses.
  • Present a content development and distribution strategy that includes
  • A monthly content publishing calendar (blog posts, infographics, motion graphics, student success stories, press releases, etc.)
  • The creation of custom content by our experienced team of writers and designers (submitted for your input and approval, in advance of publishing)
  • A schedule for sharing content via your social media channels (includes setting up/optimizing new channels as needed)

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