The all-in-one marketing automation software

Automating your marketing will not only save you time and money. Your customers will also benefit from tailored offers and personalized content. EduTech Hub provide you complete and flexible marketing automation tool for a successful customer interaction and prospect recruitment.


Discover EduTech Hub Automate  Marketing exclusive features

Lead Generation and Engagement

Increase your conversion with landing pages, customize forms ready in just a few minutes. Add call-to-action buttons to convert your visitors from anonymous into identified prospects.

Email Marketing

Personalize your emails to each of your contacts with a dynamically adapted content to boost your opening and click rates. A complete newsletter tool that allows you to send an unlimited number of emails

Automated Campaign Workflows

Create workflows to automate your business lead assignment, event invites and registrations, email and SMS marketing, or any other aspect of your marketing processes.

Multichannel Marketing

Create and design emails templates, Pop-up, web & mobile notifications for automated and manual use, monitor your social media presence, and more.


By assigning points to events or actions you can score your contacts. Based on these points you can assign events. For example when a contact has a specific amount of points you can send him or her to your sales team.

Contact Management

Manage the assignment and segmentation of every contacts. Track each individual lead’s and conversion journey and keep notes and records of every touchpoint

Segmentation and Stages

Segment your contacts by different group, stage, location, or any other criteria to automate your relational communication flows.

Marketing Components

Create campaign assets, forms, landing pages, and dynamic content to take your marketing strategy efforts to the next level.


Measure the success of individual, detailed reports and always keep track of the success of your marketing activities


By creating stages you can manage your contacts more easily. For example you can create a stage for buyers and move contacts which have bought your product to this stage.

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